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Open houses in real estate have been around for a while now and new technologies are aiding even better, more efficient ways of doing this. Facebook Live is now aiding in open house viewing, where after the event is recorded live it is later converted into a video that fans and friends can still be able to see even after the event has ended. This way, all the fans and friends that miss the live stream can actually catch up on what the real estate agent is doing at that particular time. It is like any other post you can have on Facebook and it is a marketing plan that works for most home sellers.


As videos are becoming more central to the digital marketing world, the possibilities are endless. There is a real function in the property sector to use Facebook Live as a tool to generate profits. Live viewing has shown massive potential especially in the overseas real estate sector as it allows the buyers to view the houses without them having to leave the comfort of their spaces. It is a big hustle for the potential buyer to travel between home and the place they want property in. With the Facebook Live stream, they still have a chance to get close to the properties without having to spend fare and sometimes accommodation. 


From the perspective of the agent, the tool enables them get many potential views and this speeds up the window to sell and at a good price. The fact that live video streaming is not a static process makes it more useful as a marketing tool. The viewers of real estate open house can interact with the seller during the live stream by asking questions and probing into the property even deeper. These videos give the potential buyers much more information than from photographs that real estate agents are fond of using.


Many real estate agents that have adopted this new technology as it is still new in the market have seen real progress.  It is expected that more real estate agencies will adopt this new technology to get more potential buyers on board. The overseas real estate is the best target for this type of marketing, but the domestic market could also benefit from it. Strategically planning and monitoring views and responses for the live open house will help real estate agents market even better when selling the properties.